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What is Forest Bathing?

"Simply being present in the natural world--with all our senses fully alive--can have a remarkably healing effect. It can also awaken in us our latent but profound connection with all living things. This is 'forest bathing', a practice inspired by the Japanese tradition of shinrin-yoku. It is a gentle, meditative approach to being with nature and an antidote to our nature-starved lives that can heal our relationship with the more-than-human world."

M. Amos Clifford-Your Guide to Forest Bathing 

"Between every two pine trees is a doorway leading to a new life."--John Muir


What will happen?

Are you ready to continue your journey of discovery, restoration and increased wellness under the forest canopy? Are you keen to relax and destress in a natural environment? As a Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, I would be honoured to  guide you on a slow quiet walk, to offer invitations  to pause, notice and engage more deeply with your surroundings through all your senses. 

"The forest is the therapist; the guide opens the door."



When can I come for a walk?


Consider enjoying a forest bathing walk in each season.

Changing light, falling leaves, crisper air, no bugs remind us of the poignant transition between seasons. This is a meaningful time to  move with clarity into the fall. 

Comfy clothing, water, a sit-upon (optional), and a small backpack carrying extra layers are recommended. 


Sunday October 27


Springwater Park, Ontario Rd 26, Midhurst

Private Group or Private Individual walks,  Corporate Wellness Walks, Team-building, 

Celebrations of Lives well lived, 

Births, Milestones or Special Events

 or Family Gatherings

can be arranged 

at your convenience. 

Or check out Forest Bathing with me through 

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"A forest bathing walk is a gift you give to yourself.

About Me

Remember how you always feel better after spending time in the woods?


Because life is busy, and sometimes we need to step out of the fast lane just to re-centre, relax and restore, giving yourself a breather in the woods can be the perfect antidote to "too much going on."  I am  fully certified through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides, as well as a member of the Ontario College of Teachers, and would love to guide you to a quieter calmer place. 

Seeking serenity?


Whether you need to  problem-solve, unwind, be creative or replenish your soul,  peace and restoration in nature awaits. With decades of interest and experience in outdoor education, counselling, drama and improv, I look forward to guiding you to a peaceful place, both inwardly and externally. 

What others say...


"You’re giving yourself a gift by saying yes to Beth’s Forest Bathing experience. You’ll feel refreshed, renewed, reflective and just plain happy that you were part of this. I was a ‘hesitant’ participant first time round knowing nothing about what this entailed. As a bit of a Type A person, I thought it might feel like a long time in the woods, not covering much distance, but with the gentle ‘invitations’ to be fully present of our surroundings, to use our senses more deeply and to be mindful of our own connections, the time flew by. Beth is a skilled facilitator with the ability to sense the needs of both groups and individuals. This is an experience for people whether they already spend a lot of time in nature or not. It can be either a reminder of, or an introduction to the role it can play in our lives. I’ve been lucky to be part of a summer ‘bathe’ and now a glorious winter experience - both deeply rewarding. Besides what the forest itself provides, Beth’s friendly, warm, positive and infectious spirit makes it all more than worthwhile. Give yourself the gift!"--Rebecca-February, 2019

Have a trail waiting to be certified?


I am the first ANFT  Trail Certification Consultant  in Canada! Check out the beautiful self-guided trail at

 Scandinave Spa, Blue Mountains.

 If a self-guided trail would enhance your business direction or tweaks your curiousity, please contact me for a free consultation. 

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Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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